Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM Integration prerequisite 1

Before starting to put integration in place for Dynamics GP ERP system and Dynamics CRM make sure to check these requirements:

  • functional currency: each system should have the same functional currency. one of the first steps of integration is to bring all the functional currencies from GP to CRM.

Why it is important? Because certain entities in CRM like price list (in GP its called price level) are currency based but there is no currency defined in price levels in GP, if you have multiple currencies in GP , you should bring combination of all price level and system currencies in to CRM. It means if you have 2 currencies for instance CDN and USD in GP, for each price level you should create two records in CRM database one for CDN and the other one for USD.

stay tuned, I will update GP query for this post later on.

GP price level:


Dynamics CRM price list:



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