Lookup Dynamics CRM in Informatica Cloud integration Tool

Informatica Cloud provide 4 type of actions in it’s mapping: Insert, update, delete and upsert(insert and update).

By default it wont allow to upsert into Dynamics CRM because you need to lookup the account in the integration and it won’t provide the ability to do the lookup by default for dynamics CRM. in this scenario you want to create an order inside CRM and you need find the related account lookup in order form.

So in order to suppress this issue,  we can use flat files. informatica has the option to write down all the account  in the CRM into a flat file.

for instance to lookup the account information from Informatica, we can transfer all the accounts to the flat file inside the server as a separate  mapping. whenever we want to use a mapping that needs a lookup to account, we would run flat file mapping first and then find the appropriate account form updated flat file and it will find the related account in CRM.


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