Inventory Available to Promise (ATP) in Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Inventory Available to Promise screen will give you insight into your current inventory situation for any item. For any item that you select in this screen you will see the supply and demand for the item in a time sorted list. You can drill back into any listed item to get more information.

This feature of Dynamics GP will empower your employees with the knowledge they need to make and keep firm delivery promises.It delivers fast access to vital inventory information—including current and future positions—to help you make effective use of inventory, improve service, and maximize profitability.



Using this query from your GP database you can get ATP quantity for specific site in your organization:

SELECT [Item Number]
,[QTY In Use]
,[QTY In Service]
,[QTY Returned]
,[Location Code]
,[Record Type]
,[QTY On Order]
,[QTY On Hand]
,[QTY Allocated]
,[QTY Available]
,[Item Description]
,[QTY Damaged]
,[QTY On Order from Vendor Item]
,[QTY Sold]
,[U Of M Schedule]
,[U Of M Schedule Description]
,[Location Code]
FROM [<em>YourSchema</em>].[dbo].[ItemQuantities]
WHERE [Location Code]=<em>’your site location code’</em>
ORDER BY [QTY Available] desc

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