Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Party List

Party lists are system data types and there is no supported way to modify them.

Unsupported : In order to modify party lists you need to access them in the DOM by getting their id attribute.

for instance if you want to change the filter on the “from” party list in activities, use below code on form load:

//change the default filter to account entity and disable the others parties

function FilterFromPartyList() {
  document.getElementById("from_i").setAttribute("defaulttype", "1");
  // document.getElementById("from_i").setAttribute("defaulttype", "1,2"); //+contact
 document.getElementById("from_i").setAttribute("lookuptypes", "1");
 document.getElementById("from_i").setAttribute("lookuptypeIcons", "/_imgs/ico_1 6_1.gif");
 document.getElementById("from_i").disableViewPicker = 1;

Here is the list of the attributes that you can access through DOM:

<img width="20" height="18" title="Select a value." class="ms-crm-InlineLookupEdit" id="from_i" alt="Select a value." src="/_imgs/search_normal.gif" isDisplayOnly="false" ForceSubmit="false" isEnableInlineLookupForEditForms="1" lookupstyle="single" lookuptypes="1" lookuptypeIcons="/_imgs/ico_16_1.gif" lookuptypenames="account:1:Account,contact:2:Contact,lead:4:Lead,systemuser:8:User" data-fdeid="PrimaryEntity" resolveemailaddress="0" attrName="from" attrPriv="7" createpermissiondictionary="account:true,contact:true,lead:true,systemuser:true" crmattributeid="ca991199-24b8-4a1f-9bd9-55fddb6dcdcd" isDeDupLookup="0" defaulttype="1" autoresolve="1" showproperty="1" allowUnresolvedPartiesOnEmailSend="0" isInline="true" inlineViewIds="undefined" allowFilterOff="0" disableMru="1" disableQuickFind="0" disableViewPicker="0" DefaultViewId="{A3AF4AB8-861D-4CFA-92A5-E6281FED7FAB}" lookupbrowse="0" lookupDialogMultipleSelect="0">



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