Adding a Dynamics CRM Status Reason with custom values

The default status reasons for Dynamics CRM custom entities are 1 for active and 2 for inactive.


It’s not possible to add Status Reason (statuscode) with values less than 551,870,000 through MS Dynamics CRM user interface and added new values are read only and incremental. If the default status reason is somehow deleted or you want to create a status reason with specific values, you can add it using CRM API’s.

Here is an example of adding an active status reason in CRM with value of 1:

(in my case the default active status reason was deleted)

         var response= ((InsertStatusValueResponse)ServiceContext.Execute
                new InsertStatusValueRequest
                     AttributeLogicalName = "statuscode",
                     EntityLogicalName = YourEntity.EntityLogicalName,
                     Label = new Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Label("Active", 1033),
                     StateCode = 0, //Status: 0 active & 1 inactive 
                     Value = 1